Network Integration

1. Connection Failures: – Difficulty establishing a reliable connection between devices and the network.
2. Physical Cable Issues: – Problems with network cables, such as damage or improper connections, affecting data transmission.
3. Wireless Interference: – Signal disruption due to interference from other electronic devices or competing Wi-Fi networks.
4. IP Address Conflicts: – Conflicts arising when multiple devices attempt to use the same IP address on the network.
5. Incorrect Network Configuration: – Errors in network settings causing miscommunication between devices.
6. Device Problems: – Issues with the network interface on devices, hindering proper integration.
7. NICs (Network Interface Cards): – Malfunctions or compatibility problems with network interface cards.
8. Router or Switch Issues: – Problems with networking hardware impacting data routing and distribution.
9. Firewall Blocking Connections: – Security settings preventing certain connections or data transfers.
10. DNS Resolution & Server Issues: – Difficulty resolving domain names to IP addresses or problems with network server functionality.
11. Bandwidth Issues: – Insufficient network capacity leading to slow data transfer and performance issues.
12. Internet Service Provider (ISP) Problems: – Issues related to the service provided by the internet service provider, impacting overall network connectivity.
13. Authentication and Authorization Problems: – Challenges verifying and granting access permissions to devices on the network.
14. Incorrect Credentials: – Login details or access credentials not matching the required network authentication.
15. Permission Issues: – Restrictions on access due to insufficient user permissions or network policies.
16. Software or Firmware Bugs: – Glitches or errors in the programming of network-related software or firmware.
17. Operating System Bugs: – Issues within the operating system affecting its ability to interact with the network.
18. Router or Switch Firmware Issues: – Problems with the software controlling the operation of routers or switches.
19. Physical Barriers: – Obstacles like walls or structures impeding wireless signal strength and coverage.

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Connection Failures
Physical Cable Issues
Wireless Interference
IP Address Conflicts
Incorrect Network Configuration
Device Problems
Router or Switch Issues
Firewall Blocking Connections
DNS Resolution & server Issues
Bandwidth Issues

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