Panda Dome Essential: Elevate Your Digital Security Experience

Welcome to the next generation of antivirus protection with Panda Dome Essential, your trusted companion in safeguarding your digital life.

Making your online experiences easier and safer is our primary goal at Panda Dome. Explore the key features that set Panda Dome Essential apart:

Antivirus and Personal Firewall:

Benefit from cutting-edge antivirus capabilities coupled with a dedicated personal firewall for comprehensive protection.
Wi-Fi Protection and Secure Online Browsing:

Ensure the security of your online activities with Wi-Fi protection, creating a secure environment for browsing and shopping.
USB Device Protection:

Safeguard your system against potential threats originating from USB devices, adding an extra layer of defense.
Free VPN with Daily Limit:

Enjoy the added security of a free VPN service, with a daily limit of 150 MB, ensuring secure online connections.
Multi-Device Compatibility:

Experience seamless compatibility with a variety of devices, including Windows, Mac, Android, and iOS.
Product Details:

Segment: Home
License Information:
License Type: New License
Seats: Unlimited Devices
License Term (Months): 12
System Requirements:

Operating System:
Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10, Windows 11
Mac OS X 10.15+
Android 5+
iOS 11+
Elevate your digital security with Panda Dome Essential, providing next-gen antivirus protection across a range of devices, ensuring a worry-free online environment.


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